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  1. General Labor Organizing Resource Collection
  2. Analysis, Organizing & Work Improvement by Sector / Industry
  3. Tenant Union & Solidarity Network Organizing
  4. Ecological Crisis & Sustainable Transition
  5. Public & Personal Health Information
  6. Anti-Repression & Prison Organizing
  7. Resources for Defeating Debt

1. General Labor Organizing Resource Collection

Introductions to Workplace Organizing

How to Socialize the Workplace

The One-on-One by Alex Riccio

How to Unionize Your Workplace by Another Slice (video)

The AEIOU Organizing Conversation

An Introduction on Why and How to Agitate

Agitation and the One-on-One

Educate and the One-on-One

I is for Inoculate

O is for Organize

U is for Uplift

Pushing: on the U in AEIOU

Direct Action & Labor Law

Labor Law for the Rank & Filer (also on audio)

Libcom’s Workplace Organizing guide (UK-focused)

Routine Organizing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Organizing Mistakes

Organizing is not getting People to Agree with Radical Ideas

The Alphabet Workers Union is the Latest Example of Top-First Organizing

Beware the One-Man Organizing Show

It won’t Grow if you don’t Delegate

Before you File for that Election…

The Leftwing Deadbeat

No Boss is Your Friend

The Grievance Trap

Dealing With Problematic Coworkers

Solidarity Against Sexism on the Shopfloor

Tools for Political Conversations in Organizing

How Social Conditions and Personal Experience Shape Political Conversation

Beyond “F*ck You” an Organizer’s Approach to Confronting Hateful Language at Work

Beyond “F*uck You” 2: Workplace Organizing Against Oppressive Language and Behavior

2. Analysis, Organizing & Work Improvement by Sector / Industry

Public Sector

Retail Sector

Energy Sector

Healthcare Sector

Non-Profit Sector

Agriculture & Farming Sector

Food Service & Grocery Sector

Water Utility & Processing Sector

Warehouse, Logistics & Transportation Industry

Education Sector (for both students & teachers)

Materials Extraction, Mining & Processing Industry

Computer Technology & Telecommunications Industry

Call Centers & Remote Customer Service Industry

Medical Development & Manufacturing Industry

Construction & Building Maintenance Sector

Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Industry

Commercial Cleaning & Laundry Industry

Media, News & Entertainment Industry

Food & Beverage Processing Industry

Auto Vehicle Manufacturing Industry

Garment Manufacturing Industry

Misc. Manufacturing Industry

Commercial Sex Industry

Law & Politics Sector

3. Solidarity Network & Tenant Union Organizing

Building Trust, Building Power

Build Your Own Solidarity Network

The Angry Workers’ West London Solidarity Network

The Seattle Solidarity Network: A New Kind of Working Class Social Movement

ATUN-RSIA Resource Library

This is Parkdale! (short film about a successful rent strike)

LATU Tenant’s Association Handbook

4. Ecological Crisis & Sustainable Transition

Coming soon…

5. Personal & Public Health Information

coming soon…

Abortion Care

Caring for Children & Infants

Caring for the Elderly

Diet & Exercise


6. Anti-Repression & Prison Organizing

Resources on Security Culture

Resources on Digital & Online Security

Resources on starting a local movement defense group

Resources on Criminal Trials

Organizations for those with incarcerated friends or loved ones

Incarcerated Worker’s Organizing Committee (USA)

Incarcerated Worker’s Organizing Committee (Ireland & UK)

Survived & Punished

Educational Resources for those incarcerated

Damaged Like Me

The Prisoner’s Herbal

The Sentences that Create Us

Jailhouse Lawyer’s Handbook, 6th ed.

7. Resources for Defeating Debt

Debt Collective

Debt Resister’s Operations Manual

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay